Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Advertiser

How can I pay for ads/top up my balance?

At the moment you can pay using Bitcoin only!

How much do the ads cost?

CPM is starting from $0.12 per 1000 views, and CPC $0.07 per click. You can use our popup/under model starting from $0.8 per 1000 clicks.

Where will my ads be shown?

Your ads will be shown on 500+ crypto - related websites.

Is refund provided for fraud clicks?

In case if our system identifies fraud you will get refund.

FAQ - Publisher

How will I be paid?

You can request your payment on Bitcoin Wallet, or FaucetHub Micro Wallet.

What are the fees for withdraw?

Fees for every withdraw are up to 0.0003BTC

I will be paid for clicks or for impressions?

You will be paid for booth. Sometimes for clicks , sometimes for impressions. Depends on what campaigns are active.

I get less impressions in my dashboard than in other networks, why?

Remember that we are counting only unique impressions & clicks. So you will be paid only for uniques. If you don't see any impressions counted in your account, we do not have any paid ads.